BIMTech Tools

CAD und BIM library

BIMTech Tools is a freeware plugin for designing software that enables you to insert construction products into your project easily. BIMTech tools includes recommended system solutions for GEORG BÖRNER hydroinsulation layering in an easily accessible digital format, so that you can always find a complexity of layers for green roofs as well as pitched or flat roofs. Moreover, all the compositions available can be modified and defined as needed for the given project or per the investor’s demands, such as the thickness or type of thermal insulation. All such amendments are continuously reviewed by the integrated construction physics calculations. The calculated parameters are subsequently imported as IFC.

Highlighted functions

  • Thermal transmittance U-value calculations (EN ISO 6946, EN ISO l D4Ei6)
  • Interstitial condensation calculations (EN ISO 13788)
  • Thermal bridges calculations (EN ISO 6946)