Green roof Green roof

Green roof

Modern, ecologically valuable and beautiful to look at – having a green roof is getting more and more attractive. Get the nature onto your roof. Especially in densely populated areas green roofs offer the possibility to create new habitats for bird and insect life. They contribute to improving the micro-climate significantly. In rural areas, green roofs are considered as not fully sealed surfaces and thus reduce the sewage charges as well. As they reduce the running off of the rainwater and keep the water back, a green roof is an effective method for modern rainwater management. It contributes to flood protection and reduction and drainage during heavy rainfall.

Green roofs protect and prolong the life of the roof membrane and save energy costs because of their insulation and cooling attributes.

The polymer bitumen torch-on membrane SK bit 105 with root protection has been especially developed for green roofs and is an ideal upper layer of the roof structure. It offers long-lasting protection against rooting and thus guarantees its reliability.