The partnership with TECHNONICOL

Press release at 14.11.2017

Bad Hersfeld The responsible representatives of BÖRNER and TECHNONICOL, Moscow, hosted a press conference on the 14.11.2017 at Bad Hersfeld and announced that Georg Börner Chemisches Werk für Dach- und Bautenschutz GmbH & Co. KG from Bad Hersfeld and the globally active Technonicol Corporation from Russia, with headquarters in Moscow, have formed a close partnership through an investment of Technonicol in Börner. Technonicol is currently one of the largest global manufacturers of innovative, sustainable and energy-efficient construction materials and sealants with 53 locations in 7 countries (Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Italy, Scotland, Germany) as well as 18 training centres, 6 research and development centres and 22 representative offices in 18 countries. The Russian company of co-founder Sergey Kolesnikov sells its innovative products in 90 countries worldwide. This initiates a well-prepared innovation and renewal process of Börner, which aims at joining forces through the partnership to cope more than ever with the global requirements of the highly competitive market for building materials. Their own research and development work combined with innovative, modern sealing and thermal insulation products for buildings and roads make the Technonicol Corporation one of the more important worldwide manufacturers and suppliers in this segment. Consequently, this follows an expansion into the West European market, where the stable German market plays a key role. “More and more competitive pressure, market concentration resulting in new requirements and challenges, a logistic that needs to be faster all the time and products that need to be pioneering” this is how Michael Börner, managing partner of Börner, describes the current market environment. Everything always evolves around increasing the productivity and to have the best product at a good price. Therefore, the partnership with a research-strong global player like Technonicol was formed. The benefits of the merger are the strong linkage between future research and developments in the field of polymer bitumen membranes by using the R&D centre in Ryazan, Russia, and the longstanding expertise in Bad Hersfeld as well as the fact that Technonicol has the cost leadership in the production of bitumen and polymer bitumen membranes.

“Because of Technonicol, we are able to offer system supplementing products under the brand name Börner like insulation material, polyurethane and mineral fibre and therefore strengthen the location Bad Hersfeld particularly in regards of polymer bitumen membranes.” Kolesnikov stresses that they will invest especially into the expansion and modernisation of the production.  The total investment would be approximately 11 million Euros. „A PVC production line will be built shortly; the infrastructure of the production will be modernised and in the future a further production line to produce rock wool will be set up.” says Kolesnikov. The operation has to develop dynamically through long-term effective investments. Bitumen membranes will obviously still be produced in Bad Hersfeld. For customers this also means that the best and most efficient solution will be offered for any specific challenge in regards of the insulation of flat roofs, roads or bridges with complex material systems. For one thing it means the individualisation of high-quality products based on a flexible, digitalised and fully automated mass production based on a unique IT-system. And on the other side, the lean management that ensures fast and direct processes that offer the customers everything at a completive price and from one source.

Börner expects a 10% growth for the year 2018. “The introduction of modern technologies, the optimisation of the logistics, cost savings and the increase of the operational productivity are the upmost priority” summarises Maxim Goryachev, the next steps from his view as the business developer of the strategic business unit Technonicol International.

To meet this objective, Börner will be integrated in the unique IT-system of the Technonicol group of companies.  This means that the customer will be able to check his order at any time online. This is convenient, saves time and also allows a better planning of resources. Goryachev promises that this will equally improve product characteristics as well as extend the range of products and the solution of specific customer requests.