Technology at the highest level

Technology at the highest level

Quality you can rely on

  •  Optimally combined and coordinated: polymer refining and production procedures ensure consistently high values
  •  New formulations with native raw material components: "Preservation" of the technical values result in an improved resistance to ageing
  •  Safety for every square meter: Fire protection concept for its European patent EP 0634515 B1

High quality - durable - safe

How long a bitumen membrane can retain its properties even under the most extreme natural conditions and hence provide a permanent watertight sealant depends on the proper selection and preparation of the bitumen as well as a suitable mixture of appropriate polymers and additives. The aging behavior of SK bit products are simulated and examined in the laboratory. Various tests are carried out and the membranes are – amongst others - exposed to a high temperature load in a heated cabinet for months on end. The results show virtually no change in values. This test arrangement is equivalent to aging under normal circumstances on the roof for a period of over 20 years.

Through consistent enhancements of the formulation it was possible to replace mineral oil components with rapeseed oil, which is a native raw material. Apart from contributing towards a less polluted environment it was possible to improve the "preservation properties" of performance characteristics over decades. In addition, the behavior of rapeseed oil components during outdoor weathering resulted in better adhesion of the coating over the years.

Permanently top class

• Ductility and tensile strength

The strong reinforcements
of BÖRNER top membranes
do not break away and can
withstand the force of move-
ments of buildings and the
expansion of building com-

• Protected against perforation

The special formulation of
the product with a rapeseed
oil component helps the 
BÖRNER top membranes
to achieve their robust

• Fire safety

Top membranes from
BÖRNER are equipped
with fire protection
features according to its
own Euro patent EP 0634515
and are always prepared
to withstand the onset of
fire activity.

• Longevity

BÖRNER top membranes
are powerful and useful
for a long time and offer
permanently consistent
protection over decades.